About us

At Beth & Lily Décor Co., we truly believe “Home is where the heart is”. My home has always been a sanctuary for me, a place of serenity that I yearn to come back to after a long day at work. I’ve always found pure joy in adorning my home with gorgeous decor aesthetically put together to create a beautiful haven for my family, to make priceless memories together. In pursuit of finding the right balance of functionality with charm, I often sourced glamorous statement pieces from around the globe.

Beth & Lily Décor Co. was conceptualised from my desire to do for others what I have been doing for my own home over the years. A home is what holds the family together, witnesses every single milestone as you journey through life, and warms your life with precious memories made over time. A home should be a reflection of what you are, and what you aspire to be – truly you, unique, and timeless! And so, your home deserves to reflect your unique style and gorgeous decor elements  that can enhance the beauty of your space and elevate it up a notch. 

At Beth & Lily Décor Co, you will find premium home decor collection mindfully curated from around the globe. Our stunning décor is sure to infuse an aura of elegance into your home interior through neutral color pallettes and exquisite design details that seamlessly blend in to resonate with the persona of your home, a treat for the eye at every glance!

Through this brand, I aspire to empower others to create the home of their dreams, to make life beautiful. I believe when we surround ourselves with things that bring us joy, we live a fuller, richer life. My desire is that our product collection warms your home with beauty and elegance, transforming your abode into a work of art that inspires you to live your best life!!

Here's to conquering the art of home,

Team B&L